Expert and professional services for families who need help and guidance through the very stressful educational process, making sure that their child's needs are met, and that the rights established under federal and state laws are respected.

Need some relief? IEP Coaching and Advocacy can help you get what your child needs to be successful in school. Our approach is family-centered and collaborative, encouraging win-win relationships between parents and schools in order to create the most appropriate educational plan and environment for your child. We help you to establish and maintain a positive focus on what is most important:

your child.

Does your child meet eligibility for a Section 504 Plan?

Are you interested in the McKay Scholarship for Students with Disability?

Virtual School?

Charter or Magnet School?

We can help!

We offer appointments for Conference (via phone) for parents who live outside our direct service delivery range.

 Need help understanding your procedural safeguards?

Professional Advocates work for children with special needs and their parents in an intricate and often intimidating educational bureaucracy. We help bridge the relationship between the school and the parents by communicating clearly the concerns, visions, and perspectives of parents that is essential to making them effective partners in their children's education. And we might add, we do it with passion and respect, that equates to success for everyone!

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Does your child need a Section 504 Accommodation Plan?

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We provide training seminars, IEP Clinic's, workshops and presentations to any organization that supports students with any different ability.

Topics are varied depending on group request and need. Previous workshops have included:

Parent's Rights, Procedural Safeguards, IEP protocol, Transitions, McKay Scholarship, Matrix of funding, IDEA 2004 in Summary

There are many templates available for writing an appropriate request letter to obtain necessary evaluations for your child depending upon the existing conditions.

Send an e-mail, or call, letting us know if your child has ever been evaluated by the school system, and if so, what the outcome was.

It may be time for a reevaluation OR an Independent Educational Evaluation.

If you suspect your child may have a learning issue, and he has never been evaluated call for a free consult so that you can get what you need for your child!

Phone calls are promptly returned within 24 hours.